Wife Larry King goes to court for will she does not state | NOW

The woman Larry King was in divorce with at the time of his death last month is going to court to get part of the inheritance.

Last week it was announced that the famous presenter had drawn up a new will in which wife Shawn King no longer appears.

Shawn explains to the New York Post that she is willing to engage in a legal battle.

She argues that she and King had a “watertight plan” for their finances and suggests someone forced her husband to trick his will to change in the fall of 2019.

King filed for divorce from Shawn, his seventh wife, in the summer of that year. In the New Testament, he determined that he bequeathed his $ 2 million fortune to his five children, including his two sons with Shawn.

Last summer, the two children from his third marriage died shortly after each other.


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