Wife’s Prayer for Gary Iskak, who is rumored to have acute liver cancer


Dutch actor, Gary Iskak, reportedly being treated at a hospital in Jakarta, Bunda. Seeing Gary lying weak, his wife, Richa Novisha, sent a touching prayer through the account Instagram.

“Hey kamuuu … spirit !!” tulisnya pada akun @richaiskak.

“You can do it!! Dad can do it.. you always say “Mom can do it..don’t give up bro”. We love youuuu ayaaah!! he continued later.

Not long ago Richa said that he had not been able to explain in detail what illness his husband, Mother, suffered. However, this mother of two asked for prayers for Gary’s recovery.

“I can’t give any information for now. What is certain is that you just need to pray,” said Richa Novisha to detik.com via short message, Friday (6/18/2021).

Although his wife gave an explanation, Markoneng, one of Gary’s friends, reported that Gary Iskak was sick heart cancer, Mother. He also said that Gary’s illness had entered an acute level.

“Acute liver disease, the doctor’s diagnosis was cirrhosis,” said Markoneng when contacted by telephone by reporters.

Not only Markoneng, the same thing was also conveyed by the account of Toto Soegriwo, Mother. He wrote that the 47-year-old man was being treated at the Pertamina Central Hospital due to liver cancer.

“Please pray for the best for our colleagues and friends, actor Garry Iskak, who is currently being treated at Pertamina Central Hospital because he was diagnosed with cirrhosis / acute liver cancer,” wrote Toto Soegriwo’s account.

So, what is meant by cirrhosis, Mother?




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