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Wiki’s “Lin Zhijian’s Essay Gate” was deleted and he revealed the inside story: Who wears small shoes for?

The DPP Taoyuan mayor candidate Lin Zhijian was involved in the plagiarism of the thesis, causing concern and discussion from all walks of life. Today (18), the media person “The Raven Against the Wind” broke the inside story of “Lin Zhijian and Essay Gate on Wikipedia” on Facebook, and even found out that the “ranking of the three candidates” in Taoyuan City’s election campaign on Wikipedia seems to be a little bit. The question, let him say bluntly: “Who are you wearing small shoes for?”

The crow against the wind said on Facebook today that he unintentionally looked at Lin Zhijian’s Wikipedia. He originally thought that there would be an explanation of the thesis incident, but when he saw “the description of the plagiarism incident, it is really too little to exaggerate”; and Lin Zhijian’s Wikipedia The plagiarism incident of the paper is divided into two parts: the China National University and the National Taiwan University. However, in Lin Zhijian’s Wikipedia, there is only one case of thesis plagiarism left by the National Taiwan University, and the only thing left is July 15. progress, and nothing else before or after.

Then the crow of the headwind found that although the wiki page stated that the plagiarism incident has a separate main article “Lin Zhijian’s essay door”, but after clicking on it, in the background section, the controversy over the nomination of the Kuomintang was specifically mentioned, which made the crow of the headwind question, this “KMT” What is the relationship between “nomination controversy” and “Plagiarism of Lin Zhijian’s paper”; then the crow, who is against the wind, also looked at the editing records on Wikipedia, and found that in the KMT nomination controversy, someone edited “the dispute slowed down”, and the result was deleted, deleted The reason for the drop was “there is no slowdown”, which also made him very puzzled: “Is this about the plagiarism of Lin Zhijian’s thesis, or the nomination controversy of the Kuomintang?”

Then the crow of the headwind bluntly said that there is also a problem with the ranking of the three candidates under Wikipedia. “The first is Lin Zhijian, the second is Lai Xiangling, and the third is Zhang Shanzheng. What is the basis for this ranking?” The crow of the headwind Confused: “If it is based on the size of the political party, it should be Lin Zhijian, Zhang Shanzheng, and Lai Xiangling; if it is in the order of nominations, it should be Lai Xiangling, Zhang Shanzheng, and Lin Zhijian. Who are these shoes for?”

In the end, the crow against the wind said frankly that he used to help the grassroots party workers of the Kuomintang to talk about the Internet a long time ago, one of which was about the operation of Wikipedia, but he did not approve of political parties to intervene in the operation of Wikipedia, but “the fact is that political parties do have Involved in the operation of Wikipedia, and it is clear that the KMT has not paid attention to this area until now.”

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