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Retroactively, it might have been better to have the special broadcast of Veronica Inside about not to make racism of June 22 That said presenter Wilfred Genee on Sunday evening On 1. “In the end, the guests were perhaps the twentieth choice. “

Wilfred Genee responded in Op1 to the quarrel that arose between him and his table lords Johan Derksen and René van der Gijp. According to Van der Gijp, he and Derksen were put on the block by presenter Genee in the broadcast of June 22 in the special broadcast of Veronica Inside about racism. It was broadcast in the wake of a racist statement by Derksen a week earlier. Attorney-at-law Natacha Harlequin and former footballer Dries Boussatta were present.

“Retrospectively, it would have been better not to make that broadcast,” Genee said a week later. “The idea was to broaden the discussion. We wanted some dark footballers at the table, but none of them wanted. We even called Akwasi, that was fine with Johan, but he immediately laughed. In the end, the guests who were there maybe twentieth choice. “

Genee: “Regret these men think I screwed them”

Derksen and Van der Gijp would not have known in what form the broadcast would take place and what role Genee would have during the conversation. “I regret that these men think I sewed them,” said Genee, “while we had an agreement on this shape.”

Genee, however, was not satisfied with the role he had in that particular broadcast. “In the setting where we ended up, I had to play the role of mediator and mediator, because we had chosen a different setting. I was the presenter of that Veronica Inside and as discussion leader of a program on racism. That was very complicated and quite a difficult combination retroactively. I was in a full squeeze. “

Last broadcast Veronica Inside deleted

On Thursday, Marco Louwerens, TV director at Talpa, announced that the last episode of Veronica Inside is not broadcast before the summer break on Monday.

Genee finds it difficult to estimate whether they will come back together. “It is such a shame what has happened. We lost each other because of that. I regret that.” The presenter also says that in the past two weeks he has become more aware of the discussion about racism and Zwarte Piet.

In the broadcast of June 15, Derksen responded to a photo of a demonstrator who was dressed as a black person during the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Leeuwarden. He wondered aloud if this person was perhaps rapper Akwasi.

Derksen’s reaction led to commotion and criticism of the program. Some advertisers of the program withdrew and the Dutch national team decided to no longer give interviews to Veronica Inside.



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