Wilfrido García won mayor of Repelón with 6,439 votes

Under a “previously unseen” security scheme, the atypical election of the mayor of Repelón was held – for the next three years – in which the winner was Wilfrido García, from the Conservative party, with 6,439 votes.

Cecilia Solet Carrillo, who was his strongest opponent, followed him closely with 6,428 votes.

From 8:00 in the morning, when the doors of the José David Montesuma Recuero school opened, people began to enter to vote in complete calm. However, as the hours went by, the long lines began to be noticed on the outskirts of the institution, both men and women under the inclement sun.

Darly Solano Gómez, a resident of the municipality, was surprised by the security that was implemented, since it is “something that had not been seen here in elections”, but that she understood why “anything could happen” taking into account that there were two strong candidates.

Manuel De la Cruz pointed out that despite the fact that the distance in line was not being respected outside the school, the movement was fast and that the measures adopted within the school were correct.

Security scheme

Yesid Turbay, Secretary of the Interior of the Atlantic, highlighted “the good behavior” of the repeloneros during the democratic day.

He indicated that there was a large influx of voters from early in the morning. “From the beginning, at 8:00 in the morning and there were people entering with all the tranquility,” said Secretary Turbay.

He pointed out that biosafety measures were established for the voting juries, for the officials of the National Registry and for all those officials of the other entities at the national and departmental level that participated in the organization.

Regarding public order, he assured that they had 200 policemen and 80 soldiers who were distributed throughout the municipality to ensure that these elections passed in calm.

For her part, Hilda Gutiérrez, director of democratic participation in communal action of the Ministry of the Interior, assured that the people had accepted the biosafety protocols.

“We know that these are doubly atypical elections because we are holding elections outside the electoral calendar, electing the mayor of Repelón, but we are also holding elections with a pandemic, which was very difficult for us this year, but in accordance with the protocol of the Ministry of Health we have been developing everything, ”said Gutiérrez.

Meanwhile, José Duarte Carreño, delegate of the Registrar’s Office of the Atlántico department, announced that the use of biometrics worked perfectly; However, this mechanism was temporarily suspended for the verification of the elderly, in order to allow a greater flow of people and avoid crowds at the voting stations.

He also said that they had to seek support from the authorities and stop illegal actions detected in the ranks. According to the official, after they voted, they returned to the ranks to prevent others from exercising their right.

“We informed the authorities, measures were taken in the case and now everything is flowing normally,” the official reported at noon yesterday when 11,600 people had already voted.

The delegate of the Registrar’s Office indicated that the electoral census of the municipality has registered more than 20 thousand people authorized to vote, including the corregimientos, and that 80% of those authorized are in the municipal seat.

“We are going to create a decentralized government”


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