Technology Will an asteroid collide with Earth in April?

Will an asteroid collide with Earth in April?



The beginning of 2020 seems endless, as stated by social network users then a possible World War that alarmed the millions, now a pandemic global (coronavirus COVID-19) and soon the “impact” of a asteroid in the land.

Netizens began to replicate statements that predict that the 1998 asteroid OR2 will impact our planet in April of this 2020. The reality is that on the 29th of next month, the celestial body will pass near the orbit of the land and there is no danger of it colliding against our planet.

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World News :

The asteroid in question is called 52768 (1998 OR) and was discovered in 1998. With a size of 1.8 kilometers long and 4.1 kilometers in diameter, it is constantly monitored by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the POT and was classified as a potentially dangerous object.

However, this is not the largest space object that visited us to date: in 2017 the asteroid 3122 Florence (1981 ET3) with a diameter of about 4.9 kilometers approached our planet 7 million kilometers away.

For reference, it is believed that the meteorite that hit the river Tunguska, in Siberia Eastern in 1908 was only 20 meters in diameter. His detonation released an energy equivalent to a thousand nuclear bombs on Hiroshima.



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