Will Apple Watch Series 8 (provisional) have three screen sizes?Analyst Prediction-Engadget Japan Version


So far, Apple Watch has been offered in two sizes, but analysts predict that there may be three sizes in Apple Watch Series 8 (tentative) in 2022.

Display analyst Ross Young said about Series 8 “Do you want to see a bigger screen?”Tweet“Next year, people shouldn’t be surprised to see three sizes (on the Apple Watch),” he continued.

Young recently hit the iPad mini (6th generation) with a screen size of 8.3 inches, as well asiPhone 12 generation does not adopt refresh rate 120Hz screen, I was expecting it to be installed in the iPhone 13 Pro model.

Young doesn’t say what the three sizes will look like, but he says it’s a “larger screen,” which suggests it’s probably wider than the 41mm and 45mm of the Apple Watch Series 7. .. Just as the iPhone 13 series offers three types, 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches, we may add the maximum size and name it “Apple Watch Max”.

Even the latest model of the year, the Apple Watch Series 7, hasn’t arrived yet (delivery date is 15th or later), but there are already a lot of rumors about the Series 8.

First of all, a sturdy model like G-SHOCK that can be used by athletes and climbers in harsh environments is being prepared.There is also news..AlsoBody temperature measurement function is likely to be addedOn the other hand, a non-invasive (no need to collect blood with a needle) blood glucose level measurement sensor will take several years to develop.There was also an observation

It was also rumored to be Apple Watch Series 7 (eventually off)Flat edge designThere is also a theory that the Series 8 one was leaked. If you want a completely redesigned Apple Watch, you might expect it in 2022.

Source:Ross Young(Twitter)



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