Will Christmas 2020 take place?

If it was already not easy to embark on a second confinement in the space of a year, the prospect of confined and isolated end-of-year celebrations is particularly difficult to accept, notes this Belgian newspaper.

Every Christmas, his burst of stress, written The morning : what are we going to give to the grandmother? How long will we put up with the uncle’s words? “Most importantly, will there be enough potato croquettes for everyone?”

But this year, in view of the health situation, the main question is clearly: “Are we going to be able to celebrate Christmas at all?” She illustrates the cover of Zeno, one of the weekly supplements of the Flemish daily. Because in Belgium, as in other Western countries, the question is sensitive.

According to Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst, interviewed by The morning, the traditional meal is clearly excluded. Even if the contaminations curve weakens, there will be no big family reunions, not even small reunions. At most, he concedes, one could imagine increasing the number of authorized guests of one person (as is currently the case in Belgium) to two. Of course, the decision will be up to the political class, which for the moment is not going too far.

Opt for the secret gnome

During this time, the ideas fuse. There has been talk of postponing Christmas to Easter – which the Minister of Health rules out – or of following a strict fortnight in order to then be able to celebrate Christmas quietly – an option in which the virologist does not believe, given the impossibility of submitting the whole population to real isolation.

Never mind. “On the Web, there are all kinds of ideas, reads the newspaper. Some suggest having a video conference with your brother, mother and grandfather while you all cook the same Christmas meal, from the same ingredients. Dothers suggest‘adopt the Scandinavian tradition of Tomte, as an alternative tousual collective exchange of gifts on December 24 or 25.The Tomte, explains The morning, is a gnome who takes advantage of “The darkness of the last weeks of the year to secretly hand out odds and ends, hide little surprises, or send gifts at unexpected times.” Why not.

Anyway, the virologist insists:

Remember, this will only happen once. This is not the new way to celebrate Christmas. Next year everything should in principle be fine. ”


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