Will French growth be the strongest in Europe this year?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – According to the Minister of Public Accounts Olivier Dussopt, it will exceed that of our neighbors in 2021. Is that correct?

THE QUESTION. This Thursday morning on Sud Radio, the Minister of Public Accounts Olivier Dussopt affirmed that “French growth will be the strongest in Europe in 2021, between + 6.2 and + 6.3%” according to INSEE and Banque de France forecasts, while adding that the French economy had “One year ahead of the recovery”. Statements echoing those of Gabriel Attal, who considers that French growth forecasts around + 6% this year place it “Far above the other countries of the euro zone”.

Eight months before the presidential elections, the government is touting the economic policy set during the crisis and seems to see the restart of activity as validation of this policy. But does France really stand out from its neighbors in terms of growth in 2021? Are the figures put forward a sham or, conversely, a sign of the country’s good economic health?

THE CHEKING PROCESS. The latest estimates from the Banque de France

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