will GPs be able to vaccinate in their practice?

For reasons of proximity and trust, it would be easier for some people to be vaccinated by their general practitioner. Out, these are not yet authorized to administer the vaccine against Covid-19.

Asked about the subject at the microphone of RTL, Agnès Giannotti, general practitioner, admits not being able to answer. “We would like to be able to vaccinate our patients, and there would be much less mess if everyone could vaccinate in their office, “she says. Agnès Giannoti says that this measure, if taken,” would be quite feasible “, since it would represent an average of 10 people per general practitioner.

But there’s a reason GPs aren’t in demand in the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. “The conditions of conservation mean that the government took another option which is vaccination in the center“, says Agnès Giannotti. The vaccine Pfizer/BioNTech must in fact be stored at a temperature of -70 degrees and the vaccine Modern at -20 degrees.

However, patients wishing to be vaccinated may talk to their GP who will send them to a nearby center, in which nurses are mobilized.

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