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After the “Let’s Dance” finale, Luca Hänni will travel home to Switzerland on Sunday. In an interview with “20 Minuten”, the 25-year-old reveals how things will go for him.

Two nights have passed since the finale. What is your current state of mind?

I am very happy! I think a lot about the time, it was just super intense. A nice experience.

You ended up in third place – are you still enjoying it?

Naturally! Sure, everyone wants to win in the end. But I give Lili my heart, she did a great job. It was an exciting final.

How is your dance partner Christina?

Believe it too. She has to train again, the pros have another show. But we have a great time together.

Will you keep in touch?

In any case, we have made it our goal. And there will be a meeting for sure.

There has been a lot of speculation about your love life lately (“Today” reported). What is your current relationship status?

I am still single.

Then you would be the ideal candidate for “The Bachelor”.

I do not think so.

Participation excluded?

Yes, it’s not for me. That would be too much. I hope to meet such a woman too.

What are you up to in the near future?

First of all, let’s go home. We’ll be shooting a new video next week. My album is finished, the new single is out now. We would actually have a lot of concerts now, but they were all canceled because of the pandemic. But I hope that the stage will be back in autumn.

Didn’t Corona give you a queasy feeling during “Let’s Dance”?

I was so focused on dancing that I almost forgot. In the backstage there were also meticulous hygiene rules that you get used to very quickly. It was almost normal again.

What do you take with you from the experience of the TV show for your life?

I can now concentrate on one thing longer and have become much more patient. I had never trained so hard for anything before.

How has your body changed?

I have lost weight! Now I have to eat something again. There is not much left of me.

Which calorie bomb will be on the table first when you’re back home?

A large portion of pasta with meat.

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