Will Natze help or Orlando Bloom?

Who do we elect to be mayor? Three candidates. My first name analysis last week showed little. Maybe the last names will help us.

Kessel, Paul, Rieb – all three are nice and short. No headline maker has to despair like AKK, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. With the name is a whole line on it. No matter how it turns out: An MK, MP or DR does not threaten us Löhrern. 13, 9, 8 letters: Minimal disadvantage for our Michael.

Often or rarely – does that even help?

Small plus for Paul: According to the “Geneanet” database, the last name is used almost 200,000 times internationally, Kessel only 81,999 times, Rieb even only 611 times. “Paul” is therefore the easiest to cross the lips of visitors from abroad. But it doesn’t help us either.

But now: do we want a young dynamic or an older experienced one? Dunnerkeil nochamol, it’s a dead end again: All three are in their mid-40s. Between the Senior Kessel and the Junior Rieb there are two years, ten months, three weeks and two days – so 151 weeks or 1057 days. Seen in this way, Mario would be the compromise candidate in the middle. But who thinks like that …?!

All three are early …

By the way, the three of them have all passed their birthdays this year, in the order Rieb – Paul – Kessel. So does Dirk have the edge. Our man from Sailauf was the last to turn yesterday. Michael celebrated his ’46th at the Stammtisch in the Bräu’. Mario celebrated his 45th on Monday in the old gym. I didn’t notice anything about Dirk. Well, two days later, Friedrich Merz shook hands with him at the CSU New Year’s reception. Number of visitors: 180: 15: 700. Makes nothing, says nothing.

When Mario was celebrating his party, I only noticed afterwards that he hadn’t said a single word about his competitors. What did he quickly learn from his guest of honor, Natze: Concentrating on your own strengths instead of looking at your opponent, that’s a recipe for success. This is how the Angerers Nadine made it to the world soccer player of the year 2013. I’m not sure now, but as far as I know she is the only female mopper with a world title so far.

Celebrity factor thanks to Orlando Bloom

Dirk could also score with celebrities: he is exactly as old to the day as Will Turner in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the Orlando Bloom. Well, the British actor was dyslexic as a teenager and is now a Buddhist, but that can be a matter of fact for a Franconian Christian Socialist.

There is no celebrity birthday on the same day as Mario, but two well-known local greats on the same day: Hermann Joha and Hilmar Ullrich. Our ex-stuntman is’ worn ‘shortly after selling his Franzikushöh’ 60 ‘and Hilmar, ex-jukebox frontman and double banker (press spokesman for a bank and master maker of the Wombacher footballers on the dugout), is now aa scho’ 53.

Nothing as a footballer

Incredible who slipped on February 21, 1974: Iván Campo, Tomá ?? Votava, Andreas Abel – loud footballers! A Spaniard, a Czech and a German. A Spessarter goes well with it: Our Michael used to be aach amol in the TSV jersey.

So, make up your own mind. We’ll continue next week. A triple Helau from Euerm Bayerstürmer

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