Will new mutations of the (Corona) virus appear? .. A Russian scientist answers

Alexey Agranovsky, a professor at the Department of Virology of the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University, revealed that the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic in North Korea may lead to the emergence of new strains of Covid-19.

And this came on his tongue, where he said: “The new environment is new firewood for this fire, and there is a possibility for the emergence of new strains, knowing that the “Delta” strain in India, where a large number of people were infected, arose in a similar way.” He added that new strains arise with possibilities. different, but a large number of patients increase those possibilities,” according to (Russia Today).

The Russian scientist pointed out that the infection of the disease could spread outside the borders of those countries, and although the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a closed country, this possibility should not be excluded with respect to China, for example.

Iranovsky did not rule out the emergence of a new strain of the Corona virus in North Korea, as its authorities do not disclose statistics, and he went on, saying that the only way out for them is to launch a vaccination campaign, in which case the losses will not be comprehensive, and quarantine will not help them, as the infection is present.

The world ruled out that the North Korean authorities would receive the “Pfizer” and “Moderna” vaccines, while Chinese vaccines such as Sinovac are weak, and the Russian “Sputnik” vaccine was their best option.



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