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Updated 11/18/2020 at 8:13 PM

Through his social networks, the actor Will Smith announced that on Wednesday he will have a meeting with the two actresses who played the popular ‘Aunt Vivian’ in “The Prince of Bel-Air”, a series that came to Latin America as “The Prince of rap”.

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In a video he posted on his account Instagram se and a Daphne Maxwell Reid take a seat and then appear Jane Hubert. Both actresses played this character for three seasons each. “Two queens, one throne. All love”commented Will Smith on your social network.

There are several versions about the change of actresses in the remembered series of NBC, including an alleged ego fight between Hubert and Smith.

In a 1993 interview Smith gave to a station in Atlanta, he noted that the change came about because “It felt like Janet Hubert wanted the show to be Aunt Vivian from Bel-Air”. In addition, he commented that Hubert complained of having more than 10 years on television and not having his own series, unlike the young Smith.

In the same way, Alfonso Ribeiro commented that the behavior of Janet Hubert he put everyone in tension, as he got angry easily on many occasions. However, the rough edges were ironed out and they will be together tonight in an HBO Max special.


Will Smith met with the entire cast of ‘The Prince of Rap’

Will Smith met with the entire cast of ‘The Prince of Rap’


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