Will Smith receives support from SONY

Good news for Will Smith at last, as the head of SONY debunks some rumors and reveals that they will make a movie as planned.

The ceremony of 2022 Oscars It had to be the highlight of his career. Will Smith. But despite being named Best Actor for his performance in Williams methodthat day will always be remembered for the slap he gave to Chris Rock. Now, his personal and professional life seems to be on pause and he has many projects that are on hold. But the head of SONY, Tom Rothmanreveal what they want to do Bad Boys 4.

In a recent interview, they asked Tom Rothman yes the movie Bad Boys 4 I had “brakes tight” for the slap of Will Smith a Chris Rock. Thus he answered:

“Do not. That is wrong. That movie has been in development and still is. There were no brakes to pump because the car was not moving. That was a very unfortunate thing that happened. And I don’t think it’s really my place to comment, except to say that I’ve known Will Smith for many years and I know he’s a good person. That was an example of a very good person going through a very bad time, in front of the world. I think his apology and repentance are genuine, and I believe in forgiveness and redemption.”

The funny thing is that these statements contradict the producer a bit Jerry Bruckheimerwho was asked the same thing a few weeks ago and answered: “The people who are higher up have to make that decision”. So he must be the boss SONY who authorizes everything to go ahead and if he supports both Will Smith, it seems strange that the project does not move. Especially considering that the third installment was a huge success raising 426 million dollars worldwide, just before the pandemic began.

Bad Boys 4 de SONY

Bad Boys 4 de SONY

Bad Boys 4 de SONY

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