Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on the Oscar 2022 stage

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The most shocking event of the 2022 Oscars was when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage at the event on Sunday (27/3) night Los Angeles.

It all started when Chris Rock decided to joke before reading out the winner of the best documentary film category. The person he made fun of was Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett.

At that time, Jada Pinkett looked bald after shaving off her hair. He did this because it was related to the alopecia he had and caused his hair to fall out.

“Jada I love you, ‘GI Jane 2,’ can’t wait to see it,” Rock joked to Jada Pinkett referring to the 1997 film GI Jane, where Demi Moore went bald.

At first, Will Smith was still grinning at the joke, even though Jada Pinkett looked annoyed at the camera. Until not long after, Will Smith came on stage.

Will Smith’s arrival on stage was unexpected by Chris Rock. It re -thought Will Smith would follow suit, until the swing of the actor’s hand landed hard on Chris Rock’s cheek.

The sound caused by the slap was loud enough to be heard by the entire audience at the Dolby Theater and went into the live broadcast.

In addition, the action of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock made the audience on location or those who watched the live broadcast stunned.

Not only slapping, Will Smith also shouted at Chris Rock when he returned to his seat, “don’t mention my wife!”

Chronology of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock continues to the side…

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on the Oscar 2022 stage


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