Will Smith’s wife admits her cheating on him after a relationship with rapper Augusta Elsena

American actress Jada Pinkett Smith admitted that she was in a romantic relationship with rapper Augusta Elsena. August Alsina, Confirming that she betrayed her husband World famous actor Will Smith When she was in a relationship with Auguste Sina.

American actress Jada

The British newspaper “The Sun” quoted American actress Jada Pinkett Smith as saying: “4 and a half years ago I started a friendship with Augusta Elsena and we became really good friends and everything started with him just needed some help.”

American actress Jada Pinkett Smith, during her show ” Red Table TalkAfter her separation from her husband Will Will and with the passage of time she entered into a relationship with rapper Augusta Elsina, noting that she did so because it did not occur to her that she would return to her husband Smith again, adding: “I was feeling very pain and I was very broken.”

American actress Jada with rapper
American actress Jada with rapper

The 48-year-old American actress added that her relationship with rapper Augusta Elsena also ended, confirming that she had not spoken to him for years, adding that she had reconciled with her husband Will Smith and now reached what she called “unconditional love”, saying: “She tried Will and I do our best to get away from each other just to realize that this was not possible..

On the other hand, the famous actor Will Smith said he was not sure if he would talk to his wife after the separation again, adding: “I told you in the first year that we got married that I could love you through anything.”.

Will Smith with the American actress Jada
Will Smith with the American actress Jada

On the other hand, in a comic fashion, the world star celebrated will SmithHis birthday, his son Giden Smith, published an old photo that brought them together during the exchange of conversation, through which his son appeared in angry facial expressions.

Will Smith, commenting on his account on Instagram on the photo, saying: “Happy birthday, Giden … I was doubting my parental capabilities in this picture, no matter what I was trying to make you do, I love you, man.”

Just Girl website revealed that Jojo Siwa, 17, is participating in a movie based on a book.Bounce“For American author Megal Shawl, about a teenage girl who hopes to replace her family with a new one on Christmas Eve, which causes her to enter a number of unexpected events so she knows the value of the family and the power of love.

According to “Variety”, the film has the same name as the book “Bounce” Is scheduled to be issued “Bounce” by Paramount Pictures It is an American film studio and a subsidiary of Viacom CBS, and is considered the fifth oldest film studio in the world .

It is scheduled that the famous Hollywood star Will Smith will produce the film, and it is not the first time that Smith has produced a cinematic work. Among the most prominent works that Smith produced: Seven Pounds ” And”The Karate Kid” And”This Means War” And”Annie“, Etc.

Smith’s latest work was the third part of a movie Bad Boys for Life, Which cost $ 90 million, is a movie Bad Boys For Life Starring Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Badger, Alexander Ludwig, Joe Pantoliano, Paula Nunez, Sharon Pfeiffer, DJ Khaled, Charles Milton, Kate Del Castillo, Sydney Barbosa, Happy Anderson, Athena Akers, Emily Toolz.


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