will the Dutch government have to resign?

Mark Rutte’s center-right government is due to decide on Friday whether or not to resign amid a large scandal over the Dutch tax administration, several media outlets across the country reported on Wednesday.

The four parties of the right and the center in power do not rule out a possible resignation of the government, indicates the public television NOS, after the publication in December of a damning report against The Hague.

The parliamentary commission of inquiry behind the text qualified the affair “unprecedented injustice“and estimated that”fundamental principles of the rule of law have been violated“.

The “benefits affair“, so-called family allowances case, is a scandal of the Dutch tax administration.

According to a parliamentary inquiry, officials put an end to the allowances of several thousand families wrongly accused of fraud, before forcing them to retroactively return those received over several years, in some cases several tens of thousands of euros.

Some of the parents concerned subsequently suffered serious financial problems.

Complaint against ministers

Senior politicians are accused of having preferred to close their eyes to dysfunctions of which they were aware.

Victims lawyer Vasco Groeneveld filed a complaint on Tuesday against three ministers in office and two former ministers.

Several victims of the case had posted a video online Monday in which they called on the government to resign.

Since Tuesday, the keywords “resignation Rutte“are among the first trends of the social network Twitter in the Netherlands.

This political crisis comes two months before the legislative elections of March 17 which should determine the composition of the next government.

Asked Tuesday about his possible resignation, Prime Minister Mark Rutte has declared that he hopes his government, whether or not it has resigned, will continue to be able to take decisions on the management of the health crisis.

He also felt that he was doing everything possible to ensure the holding of the elections on March 17 despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to an opinion poll conducted by the I&O Research institute and published on Wednesday, only 8% of the Dutch are in favor of resigning the whole government.

72% of those questioned believe, however, that the conclusions of the parliamentary committee responsible for investigating the family allowances case should have repercussions.

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