Will the fans want it? It arose in Boca, breaks it in his team and now he could reach River at the request of Gallardo

Yesterday Boca suffered his first defeat so far this year, thus ending his undefeated Russo since he was in charge of Xeneize. It was a meeting where the La Ribera club had no ideas to open the scoring, while Cordoba workshops he followed his plan perfectly to win the 1-0 win. The T had as a great figure a player who has been under Gallardo’s sights for a long time to add him to River.

Today the Millionaire is focused on the present, with the Liberators cup as a great goal. Regardless of what happens between now and next year, the La Banda coach has already begun to think about what is to come, and one of the most important issues is the rebuilding of the squad. It is known that in the next transfer market there will be quite a significant exodus, since several footballers want to make a leap from the sporting or economic point of view.

Today the project is to give a lot of filming to the youth of the institution to form an important base and see who is suitable to wear the shirt of River. However, both Gallardo as the leaders know that it is impossible to have a team only with men from the quarry. That’s why the Doll has already started targeting different footballers, and one of the ones he likes the most is a match-by-match figure at Talleres.

Is about Thomas Pochettino, a flyer that made its debut in Boca in 2015, although he really played little in the blue and gold jersey. Since then it began to be loaned to different institutions. His first steps in First took them in Defense and Justice, where it became a fundamental piece. He stayed there until 2018, and after that he joined Workshops, where he arrived on loan, although finally the Cordoba club kept his pass.

The midfielder has qualities to give a hand in defense but above all to generate play in attack and reach the goal. Since the departure of Palacios what Gallardo is in search of a player with those characteristics, and it seems that the man emerged in the Xeneize has everything he needs for his new River. It will be a matter of time if the Millionaire finally launches an offer to stay with the 24-year-old player.

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