Will the government record WhatsApp calls from tomorrow? That is the truth

W.This has been explained to people many times. Yet they believe and spread this false news.

A message has been circulating on WhatsApp claiming that the new rules will apply to WhatsApp and WhatsApp calls from tomorrow, and that all WhatsApp calls will be monitored and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be monitored.

Do not spread messages against the Prime Minister and the government. Politics Sending religious messages is punishable. This is a message that tells me that these are all serious cyber crimes. Below is a screenshot of this.

You too may have been receiving this message for some time now.

The fake message has resurfaced on social media in the context of active discussions on new social media rules. Nowhere in the new rules does it require the government to fully open up social media services. It is a matter of common sense that on a social media where billions of messages are exchanged, there can be no intervention on the part of a democratic government in a way that completely violates the privacy of consumers.

Kerala Police and PIB Fact Check, the central government’s fact check team, have already stated on their Twitter page that the WhatsApp message is fake.

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