Will the iPhone 12 mini have a successor?

Like other brands, Apple has adopted XXL screen smartphones. However, the Cupertino company has always thought of those who prefer small screens. And in 2020, in addition to launching the 2020 iPhone SE, Apple also offered the iPhone 12 mini. As we explained to you in our test of the iPhone 12 mini, this device is a UFO in the smartphone market.

Indeed, it has the same characteristics as the iPhone 12, and is positioned as a premium model (unlike the iPhone SE 2020). However, its screen is very small, with a diagonal of 5.4 inches. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 mini has a lower price point than the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 mini: a flop?

Unfortunately, there is every reason to believe that sales of the iPhone 12 mini are not very good, compared to sales of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Moreover, recently we have relayed a rumor that Apple is already preparing to stop producing the iPhone 12 mini.

In addition, we are already wondering if the Cupertino company will offer an iPhone 13 mini in 2021. Given that the iPhone 12 mini does not seem to sell very well, logic would want Apple to abandon this format.

Despite disappointing results for the iPhone 12 mini, the iPhone 13 mini would be in the pipes

However, according to a new rumor, there would be an iPhone 13 mini. This is in any case what is suggested by YouTuber Jon Prosser, in a recent video. According to him, for the moment, Apple would not have the intention to abandon this format. However, it’s likely that Apple will likely adjust its iPhone 13 mini forecast based on the iPhone 12 mini’s results.

A model that interests very few people?

As you probably already know, Apple doesn’t reveal how many iPhones it sells each quarter. However, many sources corroborate that the iPhone 12 mini would not sell very well compared to the other three models. For example, in the United States, a study (which involved interviewing employees of operator shops) indicated that the iPhone 12 mini would only represent 5% of new iPhone sales.

What if everything was calculated?

But then why would Apple want to offer an iPhone 13 mini again this year? Some media believe that the Cupertino company did not expect the iPhone 12 mini to sell well anyway. It is possible that this model was created in order to get fans to buy the iPhone 12.

Here is what our colleagues at Zdnet.com explained about it: “The iPhone 12 mini was designed, developed and launched in such a way that the more expensive iPhones seem like a better deal. And it worked. It worked so well that it fooled analysts and even the tech media. “

On the other hand, Apple may have only been targeting its fans who don’t want to buy an iPhone with a big screen, but also want to use a high-end device with all the new stuff.

Many rumors are already circulating about the next iPhone

It should be noted that currently, many rumors are already circulating concerning the next iPhone, even if they will not be released for several months. And among these rumors, there is one that we have just relayed and which evokes the possible arrival of a feature « Always on Display » on the iPhone 13.

This is a feature that some brands of Android smartphones have been offering for years, and which could therefore land on Apple devices this year. In essence, the “Always on Display” feature allows you to keep the screen permanently on, in order to display information (such as notifications, for example), without this causing a great loss of autonomy.

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