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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) seems to be shipping and selling a minor change model of the PlayStation 5 digital edition itself soon. In addition to the instruction manual posted on the official website, some retail stores have begun to publish sales pages.

The PS5 Digital Edition is a model that keeps the price down by not installing an optical disk drive. Games and various entertainment contents can be enjoyed only by downloading or streaming. It launched in November last year at the same time as the regular version with an optical disc drive, but it seems that minor changes will be made from the digital edition first.

On the PlayStation support site, the download version of the PS5 instruction manual (quick start guide / safety guide) is available.MatchclothHas been done. A manual for the model number “CFI-1100B” was added there. Since the model number of the normal version of the initial model is “CFI-1000A” and the digital edition is “CFI-1000B”, it can be seen that the CFI-1100B corresponds to the minor change version of the digital edition. By the way, at the moment, there is no description of the new model number of the regular version.

(CFI-1000B on the left of the image, CFI-1100B on the right of the image)

On SNS, the difference between the CFI-1000B and CFI-1100B manuals has been pointed out. One is the shape of the screws used to fix the base (main unit stand) when the PS5 main unit is placed vertically. All of them are the same minus screws, but the CFI-1000B was instructed to tighten them with coins, but the CFI-1100B says that they can be tightened by hand. Looking at the illustration, it can be seen that the head of the screw is thickened and a non-slip groove is carved, making it easier to pinch with your fingers and tighten. It’s a small detail, but it’s an improvement that makes it easier to handle.

And another difference is pointed out is the mass (weight) of the PS5 body in the specification list. Whereas the CFI-1000B weighs about 3.9 kg, the CFI-1100B weighs about 3.6 kg, which is about 300 grams lighter. Since the external dimensions have not changed and the other specifications are the same, it is presumed that some parts inside the main body have been changed.

300 grams is about one apple, and when you think about it, it seems like a not-so-small change. Some people expect that the power supply unit, which was placed at the bottom of the main unit (when installed vertically) and took up a lot of space, was downsized. In fact, it will have to wait for user verification after it goes on sale.

There is a history of repeated model changes in each life cycle of successive PlayStations or consoles of other companies. Among them, there are cases where the main body design and specifications are changed significantly, and there are cases where only internal improvements are made. Sony announced at a financial results briefing held in May this year that PS5 (normal version) is expected to eliminate reverse zaya in June this year. In order to improve such profitability, new models may be introduced after reducing the cost of parts, and the minor change model revealed this time may be part of that.

The PS5 Digital Edition (CFI-1100B) already has a sales page at some retail stores. The reference price is the same as the initial model. Since there is no difference in the main body image posted, the design seems to be deferred. Regarding the sale of PS5, it seems difficult to select and purchase CFI-1100B because many retailers carry out lottery sales, but it will gradually replace the initial model. ..

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