Will the new Windows 10 ARM manage to resist Apple and its M1?

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Will the Microsoft Surface Pro X make people forget the Surface RT?

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The transcended Microsoft Surface Pro X.

Microsoft launched a few days ago the beta version of its ultimate version of Windows 10 ARM compatible with applications developed in 64 bits. Finally! Will Redmond manage to revive its system for these processors while Apple brilliantly launched its version of MacOS Big Sur with its machines boosted by its M1 chips?

If we look at the market, we see that today very few portable personal computers are offered with Windows ARM, which allows machines to run for between 15 and 17 hours, or even more. Until now, Microsoft-stamped compatible machines only allowed programs written in 32 bits, a less efficient format, to be run.

A very historical explanation …

“When we launched Windows 10 on ARM in late 2017, the long list of apps customers needed was dominated by 32-bit-only x86 apps. So we focused our efforts on creating an x86 emulator capable of running the vast ecosystem of Windows applications seamlessly ”, explains Microsoft. on his blog.

“Over time, the ecosystem has evolved into 64-bit-only x64 applications and we’ve heard feedback from customers who want these x64 applications to run on ARM64. This is why we are working on extending the capacity of our emulation to include x64 applications and we are sharing this first glimpse for feedback, ”the software giant continues.

From the emulator to the native version …

Obviously, these 32 or 64 bit emulators have their limits, especially in terms of performance or compatibility. As with MacOS, the ideal is that these programs are directly compiled for ARM64. And when you look at the Apple ecosystem, things seem to go pretty fast. We can also imagine that the apple will play a major role and stimulate developers to offer programs directly tailored for the ARM architecture.

When we see the performance, autonomy at the head of these new machines, we understand that the traditional architecture of the X86 or x64 type has probably lived, at least for certain uses. And if Apple hit hard with its first machines, we can imagine that Microsoft should also be a hit, but on one condition… Its x64 emulator will have to be up to Apple’s Rosetta 2. The match promises to be exciting!

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