Will the spread of the coronavirus stop completely anytime soon?

  • New study gives hope: the corona virus proliferation within a cell could be stopped
  • Method against Corona: Possibly better treatment for Covid-19 patients in the long term
  • The researchers’ approach: special Gene scissors

The Crispr method gives hope in corona treatment: A research team from the Australian Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Australia has published the results of a new study in the magazine “Nature Communications”, which gives rise to hope. According to the researchers, the team has succeeded in stopping the coronavirus from multiplying within an infected cell. In the long term, according to the results, better treatment of Covid 19 patients could be made possible. The study results that could be achieved thanks to a new method are very promising.

Crispr method: stop coronaviruses with the help of gene scissors

The researchers used special gene scissors with which parts of the genetic material can be cut out and replaced in an infected cell. For their experiments, the researchers inserted an enzyme into the genetic make-up. As soon as the virus is detected, the Crispr enzyme is activated and cuts the virus, according to the study.

The technology is also effective with virus variants such as the alpha mutant. So far, however, the method has only been tested under laboratory conditions. The next step would be to test the method on animals. There are currently very few options for targeted and effective treatment of Covid 19 patients.

According to the research team, the risk of death can only be reduced by around 30 percent with current methods. The Crispr method is therefore a real glimmer of hope. Although the application is still “years, not months” away, as the study says, an effective treatment method would be a first step in the right direction. In general, the process is still quite new in the world of science: The method first became known in 2020 when the discoverers of the gene scissors, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for it.

Study gives hope: replication of the viruses could be reduced by up to 98 percent

According to the study paper, the replication of SARS-CoV-2 could be prevented by more than 98%. In theory, the Crispr method could be used against all viruses whose genetic makeup is known.

However, a therapeutic benefit would first have to be shown in clinical studies. The researchers – also according to their own assessment – are still a long way from achieving this.

According to the scientists, the ideal treatment for corona patients would be a simple drug that is taken as soon as possible after a positive corona test to prevent a severe course. With the help of the new findings, the researchers hope to be able to develop such a drug at an early stage.

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