Will the teaching of Spanish disappear in Catalonia?

The law on education of the socialist government to be adopted in first reading on Thursday 19 November abolishes Spanish as a “lingua franca” in primary and secondary education. The opposition parties of the center and the right are crying scandal. But this change should not have major consequences in classrooms.

The linguistic battle is declared in Spain, in particular around the Catalan language. For some – on the left – it’s a storm in a glass of water. For others – on the right – it is the pure and simple disappearance of the Spanish language in certain autonomous regions, such as Catalonia, which is at stake.

This Thursday, November 19 should be adopted, except surprise, a new law on education, promised since the creation of the coalition, a year ago, between the socialists of the president of the government Pedro Sánchez and the so-called “radical” formation of Podemos.

This law eliminates the term “vehicular language” to designate Spanish in primary and secondary education throughout the country. Will this mean that the Spanish language could disappear from the teaching of certain autonomous regions, in particular Catalonia?

Appeals announced before the Constitutional Court

This is what the conservative newspaper believes ABC, which evokes “The elimination of Castilian”, in regions like Catalonia, the Basque Country and others.

ABC states in this opinion piece: “Over time, the principle that gives all Spaniards the right and the duty to know


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