Will the vaccination card become the new passport?

The time for such a solution is pressing, because many regions of the world not only live from tourism in the Mediterranean. In Cambodia, for example, vacationers made up around 18 percent of economic output in 2018, according to the South China Morning Post. In Thailand it was recently eleven percent. On the Indonesian island of Bali, around 70 percent of the population are dependent on tourism. The economic damage that the virus is causing in such states is currently enormous.

Many people can hardly wait to come back to the holiday regions. Denmark had therefore announced a few days ago that it would develop a digital vaccination card for people who had received a Covid-19 vaccination. Denmark’s Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke: “We expect that other countries will require proof of vaccination when you want to enter.” The Danish vaccination pass could be used for this. The digital document will be issued in the first few months of this year.

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