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Recently, there have been rumors of a full model change for the “Toyota Alphard,” but the final partial improvement is likely to be implemented in May 2022. Let’s take a closer look at the improvements of the last new Alphard of the current model, which has reached a high maturity level.

Although it is the 8th year since its debut, it is a luxury minivan, but it has recorded an amazing 4th place in the annual sales ranking!

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The current model (third generation) “Toyota Alphard,” which was fully remodeled in 2015, is now in its eighth year of debut. There have been rumors of a full model change over the last few years, but sales of the current model have not declined at all.

Recorded sales of 95,049 units in the year 2021 last year. It is so popular that it ranks 4th in the passenger car sales ranking after “Toyota Yaris,” “Roomy,” and “Corolla.” The fact that luxury minivans in the 4 to 7 million yen class sell as well as popular cars of around 2 million yen is amazing. It is understandable that the timing of the model change has been postponed.

The last partial improvement will be from April to May 2022, such as standardization of advanced equipment.

Meanwhile, I caught the information that some improvements will be made to Toyota Alphard.

First, the specifications of the special specification car “S” TYPE GOLD II “”, which was added in a partial improvement in April 2021 a year ago, will be changed.

The S “TYPE GOLD II” is a high-end, reasonably-priced special-purpose car based on the popular aero body grade “S” with glittering gold and plating decorations on the interior and exterior.

In addition to adding sunburst gold wood grain panels and gold sputtering decorations throughout the interior, the seat material has also been changed to high-quality ultra suede and synthetic leather.

The details of the improvement are unknown, but it seems that the affordability will increase more and more because the fabric of the seat material will be further upgraded.

In addition, advanced driving support functions will be enhanced. It seems that the optional “Digital Inner Mirror” and “Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)” that notifies the approaching vehicle from behind by blinking display will be standard equipment.

Even at the end of the model, the reason why we can’t stop improving like this is probably because of the strong sales.

The Toyota Alphard partial improvement is scheduled to be implemented from April to May 2022. Perhaps this will be the last change for a full model change.

If you’re waiting for a new model you haven’t seen yet, you have the option of getting the popular current Alphard, which is extremely mature, right away.

Nowadays, the delivery time of new cars tends to be longer. If the Alphard undergoes a full model change in the near future, it will inevitably have a longer delivery time.

Meanwhile, the current Alphard is said to have a relatively early delivery date among the new models in recent years. According to an interview with a Toyota dealer in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the resale value (future resale value) is also very high, so the number of users who make a residual value setting loan and purchase it is increasing in recent years.

Of course, it’s good to wait for the new Alphard to appear, but it’s also a good idea to get the current Alphard, the final model that has matured, and experience the charm of the luxury minivan you’ve been longing for.

A few years after the delivery date of the new Alphard, which has not been seen yet, has settled down, we will choose the new model again while enjoying the advantages of the high trade-in price of the current Alphard. Why not consider such a choice?

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