Willi Herren: Food truck was set on fire

Willi’s lifelong dream was finally destroyed two weeks after his death.

It has now been a month since Willi Herren’s food truck burned out completely – two weeks after his death. Now investigators have found out that the vehicle was deliberately set on fire. “According to criminological experience, we assume deliberate arson,” explains the senior public prosecutor Ulrich Bremer to “Bild”.

No arrests so far

The video material is currently being evaluated in order to identify any suspects. So far there have been no arrests. “We are still investigating because of the initial suspicion of deliberate arson against unknown people,” adds Bremer in his statement on the picture.

Willi Herren dies shortly after opening

Willi Herren wanted to get out of the debt trap with the income from his food truck. But 4 days after the opening, the Ballermann star was found dead in his apartment. As if that weren’t enough, his food truck was completely destroyed by the fire.

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