William furious with Harry for offending the Queen

Prince William is “furious and saddened” by the insults his brother Harry and sister-in-law Meghan addressed to the Queen. The Sussexes, said the Duke of Cambridge according to reports from the Sunday Times, responded in an “offensive, disrespectful and petulant” way to Elizabeth’s decision to deprive them of their patronages in charities and residual roles in the Royal Family. In making the decision, the Queen stressed that a “life of public service” is not compatible with the couple’s new and lucrative career in America. Meghan and Harry, piqued, replied that “the service is universal” and can be exercised anyway.

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Elisabetta, 95 years old in April, was extremely struck by this gratuitous insolence, which hurts her precisely because she is globally appreciated for the service that, with great self-denial, she has dedicated to her country in almost 70 years of reign. The entire Buckingham Palace staff is outraged, officials talk to newspapers to express their dismay and royal biographers unanimously condemn the unhappy Sussex exit: “Prince Harry,” said Hugo Vickers, author of books on royalty. appreciated by Prince Philip – he should decide to voluntarily leave the line of succession ». And Sarah Vine, biting columnist for the Daily Mail and former Times: “The Sussexes wanted to teach the Queen a lesson on duty, but she wrote the books on this subject. They never miss an opportunity to remind us how loving and charitable they are, but their actions sadly tell another story. ”

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It was William who leaked, with his firm reaction, all the discontent of the family for an attack whose direction is essentially attributed to Meghan, very committed to the project of obtaining economic independence from the Royal Family with lucrative contracts that monetize the popularity of the couple. Precisely on this was born the contrast with the Queen, who believes it is not possible to help the people and associations that need it by signing millionaire contracts with Netflix at the same time to explain to everyone how good and good you are.

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The example to follow, for Meghan, is that of dear friend Oprah Winfrey, the American billionaire queen of talk shows, who boarded her $ 52 million Gulfstream jet to reach the Sussexes in Montecito, California, where she also owns. a villa. Oprah was there a few days ago, right in the middle of the Buckingham Palace clash, and maybe she gave some advice. She also recorded the interview with Meghan and Harry which will air on March 7, and which will likely have an impact on par with the bitter, self-pitying interview Lady Diana gave to BBC’s Martin Bashir in November 1995. Harry will enter the scene in the video only at a later time, to approve everything Meghan has already said and to confirm the state of the hierarchy in the family.

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In London these days, many are wondering what the extraordinary power American divorced women have over the Windsors. Wallis Simpson convinced King Edward VIII to renounce the throne, and Meghan Markle also convinced Harry to go into exile by breaking off relations with his brother, father, grandmother, grandfather and with those who were close to him and helped him in the most difficult years of his life. The rumors that Harry is not Charles’s son, but of the then major of His Majesty’s cavalry, James Hewitt, who was one of Diana’s lovers and to whom he physically resembles a lot, also regain strength.

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William’s firm reaction now casts doubt on the rapprochement between the two brothers, which was planned for the inauguration of the monument to his mother, scheduled for July 1 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of their birth. It was a highly anticipated event, which should have built a bridge between the Sussexes and the royal family a year after their separation. But the gulf that separates them is now too wide, and no bridge seems to be able to bridge it. Prince Charles traveled more than 500 kilometers on Saturday to visit his father, who had been hospitalized in London for days. They say he cried, it is not known whether due to the conditions of the now almost centennial parent, or to the conditions of the monarchy, of which they will surely have spoken.

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