Williams F1, FW43B focus on aerodynamics and weight reduction without using tokens[F1-Gate.com]

Williams Racing has chosen not to use development tokens for the 2021 F1 machine FW43B, but team representative Simon Roberts says he found a way to reduce weight from the car last year.

The Williams F1 team announced the 2021 F1 machine “FW43B” with a completely new and unique coloring on March 5th (Friday). Last summer, the Williams family, which has been in operation for over 40 years since the team was founded, sold the team to American investment firm Drillton Capital. It is also a coloring to build a new image.

Simon Roberts, who replaced Claire Williams as team representative, does not use tokens on the FW43B, basically the same as last year’s FW43, but invisible to find more performance Explained that extensive work was done in.

Most of the Williams F1’s focus was on regaining the downforce cut by this year’s aerodynamic adjustments and making it a more efficient machine, as technical rules limit a lot of development work, Simon said. Roberts said.

“In effect, taking over a homologated machine is a very unique experience for the entire grid,” says Simon Roberts.

“We all understand our machines and we all know their weaknesses and strengths, so during the winter we have put a lot of effort into doing that. Was

“The machine is really super tidy in the invisible part. I’m really happy that everyone has achieved it. Importantly, we managed to make it lighter. And we clearly tackle the aerodynamics of the machine. We tried to get as much downforce as possible. That’s what we all are trying to do. So we think we’ve learned and done the right thing, but we arrived in Bahrain and tested. No one knows until we do it, but that’s what we want. “

While the machine was homologated, each team was given two tokens to use for performance. Token values ​​have been given to various structures and areas of the machine, but Simon Roberts will spend one token during 2020 and in the other one to make radical changes elsewhere in the machine. Not enough, Williams explained that he didn’t spend tokens on the development of the FW43B during the winter.

“I used one of the tokens last year. I used one last year, so I have only one token left. I’m not going to tell you where I used it. It’s not enough to use for the nose or structure. So, as you saw in the release, run the same nose as last year. That’s our situation. Really homologation didn’t help us from that perspective, but it did the rest of the machine. It didn’t hinder us in developing and removing weight. “

Williams F1 decides to adopt Mercedes gearbox after 2022. By moving away from developing their own gearbox, Simon Roberts says the team has been able to focus resources on other areas.

“Most of the rear suspension was homologated until the end of last year, so there’s not much room for further development. Of course, the brake ducts have changed. These and all the diffuser areas have been significantly reworked, but all teams. Is doing that, so it wasn’t really a factor. “

“Of course, next year it will help us. It’s not surprising that we don’t have to spend time and effort redesigning the gearbox, but we’re relocating all that resources to another area of ​​machine performance. It can be part of a strategy that is part of the rebuilding and current transition. ”

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