Willy Bárcenas sings to his mother: “It’s useless to cry, better to fight to the death”

An image of Willy Bárcenas during a concert.

“It’s useless to cry / better to fight to the death”, sings Willy Bárcenas on the song ‘Mama’ that his group Taburete premiered this Friday and is dedicated as a “relief” to his mother, Rosalía Iglesias, in prison after being sentenced to almost 13 years in prison for the Gürtel case.

The song is released on the same day as the album that integrates it, ‘The infinite joke’ (Voltereta Records), and in the week in which the artist’s father and former PP treasurer, Luis Bárcenas, also in prison, assured in a letter to the Prosecutor’s Office that the popular had a B-box for almost three decades and that the former president Mariano Rajoy knew her.

“I’m going to have to open my mouth / it’s hard for me, but I’m not assuming defeat”, Willy Bárcenas sings at another moment of ‘Mom’, title of the cut in which he sends a message of encouragement to his mother: “I’m not going to lose myself / if I’m at the top now, I owe it to you too.”

In the words of its author, it is the “most personal and sincere” topic that he has composed, “the fruit of the most necessary relief.” “I hope it can reach people in the same way that it did while writing it,” he said in statements collected by his press office.

Convicted by the Gürtel case, Rosalía Iglesias is in prison since last November, after the Supreme Court determined that, as the National High Court said, it knew the criminal origin of her husband’s money, as well as the unjustified increase in her assets.

Already in May 2018, after being sentenced by the Court, she entered the Madrid prison of Soto del Real, although she was only there for a few hours, since his son was then in charge of paying the 200,000 euro bail imposed by the court to escape jail.

According to analysts, the statements made this week by Luis Bárcenas respond to the same objective: to collaborate with the Justice in exchange for him and, above all, his wife being able to advance their release from prison.

‘Mom’ is part of ‘The infinite joke’, Taburete’s fourth studio album, after more than six months of individual releases that have accumulated more than a million listeners on digital platforms.

The group, co-led by guitarist Antón Carreño, It has become a musical formation of great commercial pull that, without the support of multinationals, it proved capable of exhausting, for example, on several occasions the capacity of the crowded Wizink Center in Madrid.

Today has a tour of more than 20 dates starting for four consecutive days (February 8, 9, 10 and 11) at the Nuevo Alcalá Theater in Madrid, which sold out within hours of announcing it.

His discography, inaugurated with the release in 2016 of the album ‘Tres tequilas’ (2016), was completed so far with the successive’ Dr. Charas’ (2016) and ‘Madame Ayahuasca’ (2018).


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