Wimbledon: Tatjana Maria keeps the upper hand against Jule Niemeier in the German quarter-finals

“I have goosebumps everywhere,” Tatjana Maria broke out after the win.

“It was such a tough match against Jule. Today we made Germany really proud with this match,” said the new semi-finalist in an on-court interview.

“It’s a dream to experience this with my family, my two little girls. I became a mother about a year ago. It’s crazy,” explained Maria. “I tried to enjoy every point. The fans and the court are great, it’s a pleasure to play here.”


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The better start on the No. 1 Court but caught Jule Niemeier.

Niemeier starts like the fire brigade

The Dortmund player immediately took the initiative with her powerful game and, thanks to an early break, gained the first advantage to make it 1-0.

Maria found it difficult to get into the game and pick up the rhythm.

So Niemeier was still the better player and deservedly secured the set lead after 43 minutes.

The way Maria hit back was all the more impressive. The 34-year-old had to give up her first service game again, but she countered with four wins in a row and won the second set.

The encounter was now completely balanced.

Maria and Niemeier deliver crime in the third sentence

Niemeier, however, pricked the next needle. The 22-year-old made the break to make it 3-2. The preliminary decision? no

Maria fought bravely for the rebreak and was successful. In the eighth game, the number 103 in the world made it 4:4, after which a thriller developed.

Niemeier had a breakball at 5:5. Maria had to go over the second serve but took two points in a row and carried her game through. The two Germans now showed spectacular tennis and sometimes received standing ovations.

Maria finally made the break after two hours and 17 minutes and thus secured entry into the semifinals.

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