Wimbledon Tennis, Women’s Underpants No Need To Be White From Next Year

2022 Wimbledon women’s doubles championship, runner-up group commemorative photo.


(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Dong-chan = The Wimbledon tennis tournament, famous for its “dress code,” in which all players must wear white, has decided to slightly ease this rule from 2023.

The British BBC reported on the 18th that “The All England Club, which hosts Wimbledon, will allow female players to wear dark colored underpants from 2023.”

This is a measure to alleviate the anxiety that female athletes may have during their menstrual period.

Founded in 1877, Wimbledon requires all players to wear white, including tops and bottoms as well as hats and shoes.

The color of the laces of undershirts or sports bras that can be exposed to the outside on the soles of shoes, underpants, and tops must also be white.

It is thorough enough that the size that may not be white is specified in the competition rules.

‘The hat, headband, bandana, wristband, and socks must all be white, and no more than 10 mm of color can enter’.

Even medical staff entering the venue in case of an emergency should wear white if possible. However, there is even a rule that says, “If it is absolutely necessary, you can wear colored clothes.”

Sharapova at Wimbledon in 2013, before the new underwear rules were established.
Sharapova at Wimbledon in 2013, before the new underwear rules were established.


The fact that Wimbledon exempted the white dress code for female players’ underpants is in line with the recent trend in the world sports world where women’s uniform bottoms are not white.

Several British women’s soccer teams, including Manchester City, West Brom and Stoke City, have recently announced that they have decided to eliminate white from their jerseys.

However, women’s underpants participating in Wimbledon must not be longer than the length of their white skirts.

There was no separate regulation for players’ underpants until 2013, but from 2014, white was included in the regulation.

Male athletes must still wear white underwear bottoms.

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