Win at the Reale Arena to expect a miracle (Toni Padilla)

The Reale Arena in San Sebastián will experience a duel between teams with broken dreams. The Royal Society, which recently aspired to the Champions League, has become one of the worst teams after the break. And in front will be a Spaniard who is saying goodbye to Primera (7.30 pm / Movistar LaLiga), where he has been playing since 1993. Cuer, the white-and-blue team faces one of the last opportunities to light a candle , confident in a miracle. If he won, he would be seven points from the save zone with fifteen points to play.

The new coach, Francisco Joaquín Pérez Rufete, who took over the team after the dismissal of Abelardo Fernández, does not even want to hear the word descent. Trying to bet on a positive speech, who was the director of the football area until a few days ago, when he had to sit on the bench to be the fourth coach of the season, he wants his team to repeat the good performance against the Madrid, when not even playing better he could avoid another defeat (0-1). The priority of the coaching staff is to reactivate the team emotionally. The defeat of Celta in Mallorca opens a small gap to dream, as long as Espanyol returns from the Basque Country with three points. To do so, Rufete called up the same men who faced Madrid and left Pipa, Iturraspe, Ferreyra and Andrés Prieto out of the call-up. “Both me and the coaching staff are focused on every training session, every minute of the game. It is our responsibility to try to keep the players from believing in them and to have the feeling that they can defeat any rival “, explained Rufete, who will continue to bet on many players from the house. “It’s always important to have players from the house, who bring us. The other day their input was very good, I saw them playing safely, calmly, showing that they know the way is to compete hard. If our starting point is to compete at 120%, we can defeat any rival. But to do that you have to be united as a team. But if the improvement of the game does not come accompanied by goals, for Espanyol it may be too late. In San Sebastián, it’s only worth winning.


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