Wind energy: 75 temporary layoffs during the Holidays at Marmen in Trois-Rivières

While we are talking more and more about green energies, the Marmen Trois-Rivières plant is forced to stop its production of wind towers. Some 75 workers will be temporarily laid off during the holiday season.

The company explains this decision by two main factors. First, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant delays in the supply chain for the equipment required for the manufacture of wind turbine towers.

Then there is the situation with our neighbors to the south. Negotiations surrounding the adoption of the Biden plan in the United States are causing an overall slowdown in the wind market in North America. Order books are stagnating, as promoters are waiting for the plan to be put in place to take advantage of the advantageous conditions.

Results, of the 150 employees, 75 people have been relocated to the plant and the other 75 will be on temporary layoff for 6 to 8 weeks. The first wave of departure will be in mid-November.

In a context of labor shortage, the company wants to avoid losing expertise. Management promises a wage bonus to all affected employees upon their return to work.

The wind power sector at the Trois-Rivières plant will be completely shut down for two months. About a hundred sections of wind turbines will not be produced. It represents 10% of the annual production.


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