Windows 10 emergency update fixes system failure

The problems that updates and new versions bring to Windows 10 are well known. Even without a global spread, they end up preventing users from using this system to its full and full extent.

One of the recent Windows 10 has made the system stable and capable of being used. Blue screens are recurrent and appear to have a well-identified origin. The fix has now arrived and is being installed on all PCs with this problem

The January and February updates brought new problems to Windows 10. These are limited to a small number of users, but the truth is that they affect the machines and their normal use as expected.

The symptoms are clear and reveal that blue screens periodically appear on users' machines. Its origin seems to be identified in the components associated with Wi-Fi networks that are increasingly used today.

Windows 10 Microsoft Wi-Fi emergency update

After the reports came, at different times, Microsoft finally admitted this problem. In a support document for its knowledgebase, the brand revealed that this problem is being addressed and that it already has an update to be distributed to the affected users.

The Windows 10 KB5001028 emergency update permanently fixes this flaw. It is only being distributed to those affected and consists of a correction of the file nwifi.sys, associated with the connection to Wi-Fi networks with WPA3.

Windows 10 Microsoft Wi-Fi emergency update

If you are affected by this problem, you should just search for a new update in Windows 10. It should appear and be installed automatically, as it has a high level of emergency.

Even though it is a problem limited to a small set of users, it is complicated and prevents the use of Windows 10. It is limited to those who use WPA3 on Wi-Fi, but the update must therefore be installed immediately to get everything back to normal.

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