Windows 11 Hardware Limitations: Microsoft Urges Users to Upgrade to New Computers for Free Windows 11 Upgrade Notifications

2024-04-12 07:35:59

Windows 11 is not as easy as upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8. It has great hardware limitations, so many old computers cannot be upgraded. I don’t know if they are thinking of other ways to increase the market share of Windows 11. Microsoft has recently quietly targeted old computers. A foreign netizen received an advertisement for upgrading Windows 11. The advertisement clearly stated that his computer cannot be upgraded, and next to it Attached is a purchase button, which seems to urge old computer users to quickly upgrade to a new computer.

Microsoft wants you to buy a new computer as soon as possible. Old computers that cannot be upgraded will now receive Windows 11 free upgrade notifications.

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Recently in a Reddit forum, a person Woopinah9 While netizens were sharing the experience of using Windows 10 computers, Microsoft suddenly pushed a full-page advertisement for Windows 11. The content seemed important, but in fact it seemed unimportant. It read, “Windows 10 is about to end support. Microsoft is very grateful to users for their long-term use. Your computer cannot be upgraded to Windows 11.” Attached are two links below, one is to get more information about Windows 10 ending support, and the other is why Windows 11:

Regarding these two pieces of information, the vast majority of old computer users should already know it, especially the inability to upgrade. Windows 11 has been launched for so long, and Microsoft also provides related detection software. At this time, this advertising notification suddenly popped up, which is obvious. There must be some purpose.

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Many netizens in the Reddit discussion thread believe that this is asking you to buy a new computer quickly, such as “Please buy a new Surface Laptop to get the best experience”, “Microsoft: Hey, just want to inform you, in order to continue to maintain your Computer security, you may need to buy a new computer.” Some people even said, “This is a virus lost by Microsoft”:

I have to say that this advertising notification is quite annoying. It obviously cannot be upgraded, and it keeps popping up asking us to switch to Windows 11. More importantly, the button below only reminds me later (remind me later), and there is no permanent stop display. Options means that it might pop up again after a while.

Although it’s annoying, I also think that people who haven’t upgraded their computers for a long time can actually consider it. After all, Windows 11 24H2 in the second half of the year looks quite powerful and will have many new AI features. Microsoft’s annual Build conference in May will showcase AI. For PC and more AI tools, you can pay attention.

If you don’t know about the end of support for Windows 10, let me briefly explain it here.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will stop supporting Windows 10 on October 14, 2025, which means that there will be no more updates (including security updates). This was the original plan, but Microsoft launched asolutionusers can pay extra to continue receiving security updates, but it’s unclear how much it will cost.Enterprise EditionIt has been announced that the price of each device is 61 US dollars in the first year, and will double every year thereafter, such as: 122 US dollars in the second year and 244 US dollars in the third year. The price is not cheap.

Source: PCWorld

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