Windows 11, various optimizations to improve performance

Windows 11 comes with many changes, especially in the desktop interface. Microsoft has also worked on other aspects such as performance and resource requirements.

In a recent intervention, the giant spoke about this. Windows 11 takes advantage of several “tips” in order to reduce its material resource requirements, in particular on the storage side. We are on an important subject, key to the success or not of an OS. The firm has made alterations, optimizations and improvements on many points.

Windows 11, a more responsive OS?

For example one of the ideas is the gradual loading of some software. For example, when it is launched, “Sticky Notes” comes with a new start screen. The software is then loaded on demand without any user action. According to Redmond this approach allows “ reduce storage requirements while relieving background activity and download traffic. »The data required for the application is downloaded from the Microsoft Store. These components will not necessarily be included in the operating system.

The storage needs of the OS and the Edge browser are also reduced. In a document de support, Microsoft explains that the preinstalled Ethernet and Wi-Fi drivers are now offered as FODs. This is the contraction of Features On Demand. Clearly these drivers are available by default in order to improve the experience of Windows 11 but it is possible to remove them. The process involves manual action in Settings.

To all this is added an instant standby technology a bit like a smartphone or a PC running Snapdragon processor. Windows 11 should handle priority states better and will be able to communicate better with hardware. Its recovery time would be reduced by 25% and Windows Hello for Business authentication would improve by 30%.

Note that the minimum hardware requirements of Windows 11 require 64 GB against 32 GB for those of Windows 10 (64-bit edition).

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