winner at Fougères, Cavendish on his 31 – Liberation

Maillot vers, the stat, the dico of the bike, the quiz … Stage report of the Tour de France by our special envoys.

The Briton Mark Cavendish, back in favor, wins the sprint at Fougères ahead of the Frenchman Nacer Bouhanni.

In the lead for 140 km this Tuesday between Redon and Fougères, the Belgian Van Moer, winner of the first stage of the Critérium du Dauphiné a month ago, was caught 100 meters from the finish.

The day was marked by a brief demonstration by the riders at the start of the stage. The Tour is enamelled since its departure on Saturday in Brest of heavy falls. Arrived at the real start, the peloton slowly continued on its way before dismounting for a minute, before starting again in slow motion for about ten kilometers.

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The state: 36

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Jersey to

Someone just ate,

He turns on the TV.

The runners at a standstill,

Gathered in a package,

They hold the stake.

One minute foot on the ground,

Ten kilometers at a walk.

Very flat stage,

Slow motion runners.

The eyes checkmate,

Welcome lethargy.

At the start of the stage,

It was a great sun,

And in front of his TV,

Came the little sleep

Redon and eiderdown

The dico of the bike

Have everything right

There has been no question here of the decisions of the government for the past four years. When you pedal, you spin a chain. It revolves around a chainring (at the level of the pedals) and a pinion (at the rear of the bike). Having everything to the right is when the chain spins around the larger chainring and smaller sprocket, both located on the right side of the bike. To have everything on the right is to bring the biggest possible development, the biggest gear. This is particularly the case during time trials, like that of this Wednesday between Changé and Laval.

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The question of the day

Wednesday is the first time trial. It takes place in Mayenne, in Laval, which can be read in both directions, as saddles or summer. What do you call a symmetrical word?

♦ Preterition


♦ Palimpses

Ys Polysyndète

Answer of the previous question: Tyler Farrar.

The profile of tomorrow’s stage

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