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Sosok.ID – Can get an intimate kiss from Ariel Noah is the dream of hundreds of women in Indonesia.

Including comedian woman, Kiky Saputri who also dream of being able to kiss from Ariel Noah.

No wonder when his dreams can be kissed from Ariel Noah materialized, Kiky Saputri immediately made netizens throughout Indonesia in an uproar.

Especially after being kissed intimately, Kiky Saputri immediately get the green light from an ex-lover Ariel Noah, Luna Maya.

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Yes, when it comes to Ariel NOAH’s charm as a man, it seems as if there are no opponents.

Having a handsome face, melodious voice and good at making music made Ariel NOAH one of the musicians that many people cheer up, especially women.

A number of beautiful Indonesian artists have even reportedly fallen into the arms of the Lady Killer.

No wonder getting special treatment from the vocalist is also considered as an achievement that should be envied.

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As recently done by a female comedian, Kiky Saputri.

Yes, reported Sosok.ID from his personal Instagram account @kikysaputrii on Sunday (11/22/2020) via Grid.ID, Kiky Saputri has just shared his latest post.

This time, Kiky Saputri shared the moment when he got a close kiss from the vocalist of the band NOAH, Ariel NOAH.

Previously known, Kiky Saputri was known to show off the moment when he was kissed by a number of famous male celebrities.

Call it Reza Rahardian, Afgan Syahreza to Harris Vriza have landed a sweet kiss on the cheek of this hilarious virgin.

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Now Kiky Saputri is back making a scene in cyberspace with his intimate moments with Ariel NOAH.

Just like the action with a number of other male artists, Kiky Saputri got a kiss from the vocalist on the forehead.

Even the comedian was allowed to land a kiss back on Ariel NOAH’s cheek.

Enjoy the 54 second video. Happy Saturday Night for those of you who can’t sleep after watching this video, “Wrote Kiky Saputri as quoted Sosok.ID in the description column.

Interestingly, before showing the video, Kiky Saputri apparently asked permission from the vocalist’s former lover, Luna Maya.

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The funny thing is, Kiky Saputri asked permission from Luna Maya to become the vocalist’s lover.

“Sis, Luna Maya, if Bang Ariel is your boyfriend or not, can I?” asked Kiky Saputri.

Capture the Instagram / @ kikysaputrii screen

Kiky Saputri got permission to date Ariel NOAH from Luna Maya

Without thinking, Luna Maya who was next to Kiky immediately gave permission.

“Okay,” Luna Maya said with a smile.

Quoting from the post, Luna Maya gave Kiky Saputri permission to date Ariel NOAH because the model felt Kiky was the right woman.

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“Why?” asked Kiky.

“In my opinion, you are the most suitable only woman,” replied Luna Maya, leaning her head against the crease of her hand.

Unexpectedly, Luna Maya’s answer apparently made netizens in an uproar.

Not only netizens, but a number of other public figures were amazed by Kiky Saputri’s actions, which should be jealous of.

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@anastan*****a: Luna Maya just pasraah, you can kiss Ariel NOAH with crazy flowers.

@ardin*****r: I don’t think so, why is that?

@reezares*****a: Already kissed Ariel, crazy expert really.

Until this news is broadcast, Kiky Saputri’s post has been watched by 459 thousand users and has received more than 6 thousand comments.

Kiky Saputri

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