Winter storm: she hasn’t said her last word

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 6:45 PM – Motorists in the east, center and south of the province will need to be extra careful and patient on the roads, as the storm will greatly complicate travel.

In short :

  • Winter storm warning;
  • Difficult movements and gusts up to 90 km / h;
  • Avalanche and storm surge risks.

The highlights of the storm depending on the region

The snow will start to weaken over the south by late Tuesday evening. However, there will still be some residual snow on Wednesday.

timming neige

For the center and east of the province, it will all take place in the evening and at night from Tuesday to Wednesday. As for the west of the province, it is at high risk of escaping without significant accumulations.

The snow will continue at low intensity Wednesday through the afternoon over the center and into the evening for the east.

snow forecast

Blizzard conditions

Several regions of Quebec will experience blizzard conditions in the evening when strong gusts are expected. It is especially the east of the province that will be affected by the strong winds, in particular the Gaspé, the Bas-Saint-Laurent, the Côte-Nord and Quebec.


Difficult movements and gusts up to 90 km / h

Caution will be required on the roads, because in addition to snow-covered pavements, visibility will be reduced, or even zero in places, thanks in part to the gusts of which can go to more than 90 km / h in places and which will scatter the flakes.


The gusts will also still be present Wednesday morning.


In the eastern part of the province, as heavy snow will continue throughout the day on Wednesday and gusts between 80 and 90 km / h will blow in the area, it is expected that travel, especially on routes 132 and 138, will be disturbed.


There could also be sleet and freezing rain on the Gaspé Point.


Winter storm warnings

In anticipation of the amounts of snow that will fall over eastern Quebec, Avalanche Quebec published a high avalanche risk index for the alpine portion of the Chic-Chocs this Wednesday, as well as a considerable index for the section of treeline.


In addition, Environment Canada also issued a storm surge warning for the Quebec City region and the sectors along the Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie and Côte-Nord. Coastal erosion is also possible in areas at risk, according to the organization.

coastal flooding

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