Winterthur: 900 Swisscom customers soon without cell phone reception

In Winterthur’s Neuwiesenquartier, 900 Swisscom customers will soon lose their cell phone and mobile internet reception. The reason: On November 17th, Swisscom had to park its 4G mobile antenna on the commercial building on Bleichestrasse. The telephone and Internet provider announced this to its customers about a week ago in an information letter like that “Tages-Anzeiger” reported.

In the letter that the «Land boats» is available, it says that making calls inside is “unfortunately restricted or no longer possible” and surfing the Internet while mobile is “no longer possible or only possible at reduced speed”. After all: “Telephoning should still be possible” outdoors. With mobile surfing, however, the speed could be “impaired”, the letter continues. According to Swisscom, this “unsatisfactory situation” could continue “for at least two years”.

Swisscom lost the location because the property owner terminated the contract. That happened back in 2015. But since then, Swisscom has not found an alternative, writes the “Tages-Anzeiger”. The search is “unfortunately very difficult”, says Swisscom. But people are still looking for a solution “at high pressure”.

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