WipEout Rush: the saga sulks the PS5 and offers itself a surprise return that may destabilize the fans

Game News WipEout Rush: the saga sulks the PS5 and offers itself a surprise return that may destabilize the fans

This is perhaps the most surprising announcement of the day. While fans of the WipEout license keep hoping for the return of the franchise, now publisher Rogue Games is answering their prayers without being a bit teasing. Indeed, it is not the PlayStation consoles that will host the title, but another medium owned by everyone.

Much to the chagrin of die-hard fans of WipEout, who have been waiting to get their hands on a new game since the release of WipEout Omega Collection en 2017, the license makes a very tight turn and dodges an exit on PlayStation 5 to go straight for… the mobiles.

This surprise ad perfectly illustrates the concept of emotional lift so much the joy of regaining the license WipEout to afford an adrenaline shot quickly gave way to a skeptical pout about the form that the game will take on devices iOS and Android.

It is notably through the IGN site that we see the rendering of WipEout Rush as well as the first elements concerning it. From what we know at the moment, WipEout Rush must embark one mode only including no less than 12 championships and 5 different environments in which the vehicles of the game will run at full speed, to choose from among 60 models from previous parts of the saga. In addition, the mobile game is equipped of a comic book aesthetic during its narrative cutscenes and a soundtrack whose soundtrack comes straight from the mind of Alastair Lindsay, already at work on previous games.

Rogue Games CEO says he is aware of this destabilizing transition for fans fond of speed and immersion. However, he wants to be reassuring and hopes that this mobile version will manage to offer ” fun new gameplay and stunning visuals ».

As announced just before, WipEout Rush, which should run at 60 FPS on recent devices, is expected on iOS and Android and is expected in early 2022 without further details.

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