Wireless headphones: one of the AirPods Pro’s best rivals drops to €89

Good news Wireless headphones: one of the AirPods Pro’s best rivals drops to €89

Jabra is a well-known and recognized brand in the audio industry. After the explosion of the market for wireless earphones following the democratization of Apple’s AirPods, Jabra was one of the few truly critically acclaimed competitors. Today, the Jabra Elite 75T, comparable to the AirPods Pro thanks to active noise reduction, are in very strong promotion. Honestly, it’s worth looking into.

If you want to know more about the precise characteristics of these two little nuggets, we describe that a little further down in this article. The main thing to keep in mind for the moment is that the Jabra Elite 75T are benchmarks in their field that have convinced by combining comfort and quality sound.

At the portfolio level, the Jabra Elite 75T were launched at the logical price of around €150. Why logical? Because that’s a bargain price for reliable brand wireless headphones with active noise canceling and rich sound. The AirPods Pro are $100 more, but hey, it’s Apple.

This being said, know that at this very moment a very nice reduction is hitting the Jabra Elite 75T at 2 merchants at the same time: Fnac and Boulanger. Thanks to a -40% promo, wireless headphones go from €149 to only €89, a very attractive price for a product in this range.

Buy the Jabra Elite 75T at 89€ at Fnac

Buy the Jabra Elite at 89€ at Boulanger

Jabra elite 75T bluetooth headphones: competitors to AirPods Pro?

We assume that everyone is familiar with Jabra, but this is not necessarily the case. The brand is a reference only in the small circle of sound enthusiasts. Jabra is a company known for its breakthrough innovations.

The first Bluetooth headsets were them. The first noise reduction microphone? Jabra again. Recently, they even created Dolby headphones capable of taking your heart rate during your sports sessions. A pioneer.

Most industry experts are unanimous: the Jabra Elite 75T are among the best wireless headphones on the market in terms of value for money. Especially when they are on sale at such a good price.

Technologically, the 75Ts do not equalize the AirPods Pro perfectly (especially since the great strength of the AirPods remains the integration into the Apple ecosystem) but the Jabra Elite 75Ts are quite comparable to the best seller of the apple for a difference simply huge price.

After tweaking (there are a whole host of possible ones to better suit your tastes), it will be very difficult for most people to tell the difference between the Jabra Elite 75T and other higher-end wireless earbuds. Especially since the strength of the product is somewhat the same as that of Apple: the precision of the mediums (it’s essential, the sound of the voice hits the midrange) and a generally ample sound. In short, in terms of sound quality, Jabra has really delivered a beautiful copy that is barely tarnished by the slight imbalance in the most extreme frequencies.

It would be a shame to talk about a pair of bluetooth headphones by only addressing the sound quality of the product. If the public has embraced the concept of wireless headphones en masse, it is above all because this technology is ultra practical. So, let’s go into the details of the comfort technologies deployed by Jabra.

  • L‘autonomy is very good: 7h per charge (28h in total)
    The case is discreetit is forgotten in a pocket.
  • L‘appairage and use in general are very intuitive.
  • Customizable controls and sound with a ergonomic app.
  • Login stable.
    Powerful noise reduction thanks to good AI.
  • Certification IP55 for good water and dust resistance.
  • Discreet design, excellent comfort, and reliable holdeven during sport.

All this for only €89.99, frankly, the promo is worth it.

Buy the Jabra Elite 75T at 89€ at Fnac

Buy the Jabra Elite at 89€ at Boulanger

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