Wireless keyboard with mouse: Five models in comparison

Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, millions of people are currently working from home. If you had already set up a permanent workplace in your own four walls in advance, you are probably well equipped. However, all those who have had to abruptly end their office work and are involuntarily in the home office often lack the right technology. As a result, televisions are turned into monitors, cables are laid through the entire apartment and desks are set up in the living area. Most people have the necessary equipment at home, but these are usually quite outdated models. Use the time and switch to a wireless radio keyboard with a mouse.

1. Jelly Comb 2.4G

The wireless keyboard from China connects (and the mouse) to your computer via USB receiver, without any driver. According to the manufacturer, the range is between eight and ten meters, the battery, on the other hand, lasts up to 35 hours on the keyboard, and the mouse even manages 90 hours – when both are fully charged. An advantage of the Jelly Comb are the scissor foot buttons, which make typing almost silent. The wireless keyboard is compatible with Windows XP and Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Here you get the radio keyboard with mouse.

2. Logitech K400 Plus

This all-in-one TV keyboard was especially designed for surfing and chatting on the couch: The integrated touchpad (3.5 inches) replaces the mouse completely, so that you can use your computer or the connected TV even when lying down – what is no problem at a range of ten meters. The K400 Plus is also connected to the PC via a USB receiver; navigation can be carried out with both hands using a second left-click button. And the volume control and arrow keys are easy to use.

Here you get the radio keyboard with mouse.

3. Logitech MK470 Slim Combo

This wireless keyboard scores above all with its flat design and its almost noiseless scissor foot buttons – this gives you the feeling of typing on a laptop when typing. And the mouse is extremely quiet to use (with both hands!), And its battery lasts an unbelievable 18 months. The keyboard even manages 36 months, thanks to the integrated auto-sleep function. After the Logitech MK470 Slim Combo has been connected to the wireless 2.4 GHz USB nano receiver, the connection remains stable up to ten meters.

Here you get the radio keyboard with mouse.

4. Anker wireless set

Due to the 2.4 GHz signal connection and the nano receiver, the radio keyboard has a range of eight meters. The flat design, the light keyboard and the ergonomic mouse are also convincing here. When fully charged, the battery lasts up to three months with a daily usage of two hours. Unfortunately, the wireless QWERTY keyboard lacks separate keypads, including arrow and navigation keys. The manufacturer offers an 18-month guarantee on the set.

Here you get the radio keyboard with mouse.

5. Trust Tecla

In contrast to the other keyboards, the Trust Tecla has a non-slip palm rest. It also stands out from its competitors with its ten additional multimedia buttons on the sides, which you can use to control the browser, for example. And that’s not all: The wireless mouse not only has an ergonomic design, but also five buttons – which you can use to switch between the browser windows. The range, however, is a maximum of eight meters.

Here you get the radio keyboard with mouse.

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