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The Polish government has consistently claimed that the summit in the EU ended with Poland’s success. The opposition is questioning this. Mateusz Morawiecki referred politicians who were unfavorable to this thesis to the foreign press. Among others The Washington Post decided that “Poland and Hungary won”.

– Our political opponents, mainly the Civic Platform, gnashed their teeth hard as they read the conclusions after the summit. This provision about making funds from the budget dependent on the so-called There is no rule of law – said Mateusz Morawiecki at the conference on Tuesday. The prime minister argued that the EU summit ended with the success of the PiS government.

Opposition politicians who think differently about it, referred to foreign press, incl. to the “Washington Post” . – They can also read the German and British media. It is clearly visible how the results of the summit are assessed by local journalists – he said.

The American newspaper cited by the Prime Minister did describe the EU summit as “a victory for Poland and Hungary”. The authors of the text emphasized that provisions that would directly link access to funds with issues of the rule of law were finally abandoned.


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