Wirye New Town Streetcar Project Makes Transportation More Convenient – Press Release | briefing room | news

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Metropolitan Area Transport Committee (Chairman Lee Seong-hae) announced that it would approve the project plan for the Wirye Line Urban Railway Construction Project on November 28th.

「Wirye Line Urban Railway Construction Project」 is an eco-friendly new transportation that connects 12 stations (3 transfer stations) with a streetcar* (tram) with an extension of 5.4 km by investing a total project cost of KRW 261.4 billion as part of the Wirye New Town Metropolitan Transit Improvement Measures. It is a business.

*Vehicles operated using tracks on roads as urban railways in accordance with Article 2, Subparagraph 2 of the 「Urban Railway Act」

After the approval of the urban railway basic plan in October 2020, the project plan was approved this time through procedures* such as detailed design. .

* (Urban railway construction procedure) Approval of urban railway network construction plan → Approval of basic plan → Basic and detailed design → Approval of business plan → Construction → Completion (opening)

Each train of the Wirye Line (tram) project consists of 5 passenger cars (modules), and a total of 10 trains run every 5 minutes during rush hour and 10 minute intervals during normal hours (for branch lines, 10 minutes during commute, It is planned to operate at 15 minutes during normal times), and it is expected that it will be possible to travel to Wirye New Town by using a streetcar from Macheon Station on Line 5, Bokjeong Station on Line 8, and Namwirye Station, thereby relieving traffic inconvenience for local residents and contributing greatly to revitalizing the local economy. do.

A streetcar (tram) vehicle is an ultra-low-floor vehicle equipped with an electric battery on top of the vehicle to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve accessibility for the transportation vulnerable. I never do that.

The vehicle base will be underground, and the ground will be created as a park and green area to provide a resting place for local residents, and the Jangjicheon crossing bridge through which the Wirye Line passes will be constructed as a cable-type bridge with excellent aesthetics to harmonize with the waterside park.

With the full-scale start of the Wirye New Town urban railway project, Lee Seong-hae, chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Committee, said, “We plan to actively support Wirye New Town to contribute to relieving traffic inconvenience and complete it within the deadline.”

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