Wisconsin Supreme Court does not accept Trump’s lawsuit against election results

The Presence of Donald Trump at the inauguration of the future US President in January is according to election winner Joe Biden important for the reputation of the USA. Trump’s participation would only be important in one respect, Biden said on Thursday (local time) in an interview with CNN: “That at the end of this chaos that he has caused, we will be able to show that there is a peaceful transfer of power , with competing parties standing there, shaking hands and moving on. “

He was worried about the image that the US would give the world. “Look how we are seen, you ask,” My God, things like that happen in Blender dictatorships. This is not the United States. “” It was Trump’s decision whether to come or not, but his actions would have consequences for the country.

During his tenure, Trump disregarded many customs and broke numerous taboos, which is why there is speculation as to whether he will attend Biden’s inauguration – unlike traditionally in the USA. Trump left a corresponding question unanswered last week.


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