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With the birth of various new crown pneumonia vaccines, it seems to bring some light to the end of this epidemic. Although various vaccines have different side effects and even deaths, some infectious disease experts in Hong Kong pointed out that these cases may not be related to vaccination. It is directly related, but it still makes the public panic. So at the beginning, the rate of vaccination in Hong Kong was still low.

Recently, people often discuss a topic after a meal, that is, “Are you getting a shot?” Peer pressure indirectly forms the cause of vaccination. For example, when four people go out for dinner, they find that all three of them have been vaccinated. For the vaccine, the fourth person may feel “eye-eyed.” As originally planned, 12 people had dinner on the same table, but when it was discovered that one or two people had not been vaccinated, the meal might fall apart as a result, which also constitutes another kind of pressure.

In response to the government’s four operational models, staff and diners are vaccinated, which can extend the dining time and relax the maximum number of people per table. I believe some restaurant employers will therefore hope that all employees will be vaccinated. It is important to know that chronically ill patients are not suitable for vaccination. Some “unscrupulous employers” may dismiss the employee and have the opportunity to violate the Disability Discrimination Ordinance at any time. As an employer, you need to consider carefully and should be tolerant and considerate to deal with different employees. The actual situation.

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As a responsible Hong Kong citizen, I have made an appointment for vaccination. I also hope that those friends who do not have long-term illnesses can consider vaccination to generate herd immunity, so that the epidemic in Hong Kong can be controlled and the “zero diagnosis” can be achieved as soon as possible. Out of the bottom. One thing worth noting is that the validity period of the vaccine ranges from 9 to 12 months. There are reports that after one year after the two doses of the vaccine, a third dose of the vaccine may be required to extend the validity period. There are also reports that the second dose The next-generation vaccine will be launched soon, but all of this will not happen within this year, so for the time being, the most effective method is to take adequate disinfection measures and vaccinate appropriate vaccines to ensure safety.

Fang Baoqiao

Honorary President of Hong Kong Information Technology Chamber of Commerce


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