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With 10 men, Deportivo Cali thrashed Nacional and sent him to last place in group A

Deportivo Cali defeated Nacional 3-1. Photo: Deportivo Cali

Deportivo Cali was left with the green classic against Nacional and by a landslide in the final home runs of Colombian professional football, which leaves the Valle del Cauca team as the new favorite of group A to be a finalist.

With authority, the sugar producers managed to impose themselves on the Antioquia club from the first time where in the In minute 2, forward Kevin Andrade made the first call with a mid-range shot that went over the crossbar.

The pressure on Nacional continued, and as minute 3, the center-back Yerson Candelo made it difficult to clear a ball that Cali almost filtered for a goal.

Three minutes later the Antioquia team was blurred and in a corner kick Danobis Banguero, to prevent the ball from falling at the feet of Jorge Marsiglia del Cali, ended up hitting it and after reviewing the VAR the referee Jhon Hinestroza decrees a penalty for the sugar producers, which Harold Preciado executed for the first goal in the 9th minute.

And the locals at the Palmaseca stadium, in Valle del Cauca, went for more and Jarlan Barrera tried with a shot that went wide. Subsequently Jhojan Valencia tried with a mid-distance shot that passed near the goal defended by Aldair Quintana.

Nevertheless, In the 29th minute, Darwin Andrade was sent off for a new yellow card after the one he had received three minutes before. in a play that required the revision of the VAR.

With the mood of the sugar producers, Nacional took advantage of the air and the advantage of having one more man on the field of play, and In the 29th minute he scored the discount in a play that goalkeeper Quintana started with a pass to Danovis Banguero, which in turn enabled Dorlan Pabón who finished off within the area to partially tie the game.

In minute 42 he was sent off, although he was on the bench, the player Alex Castro for making gestures and provocations to the fans of Cali.

In the second half, The sugar team came to prevail, despite being with fewer players, and in the 51st minute they put goalkeeper Quintana in trouble after a shot from Harold Preciado, who later tried with two other shots in minutes 52 and 63.

But it was Teofilo Gutiérrez who put the sugar team to win after a shot in the area that turned into a goal after being enabled by Jhon Vásquez, which in turn had received the pass from Juan Camilo Angulo.

And with its category, Teo, who finished as the best player of the match, scored a new goal in the 75th minute in a play that began with the arrival from the left side of Vásquez, that he put it on Preciado who headed the goal of Nacional, whose goalkeeper managed to clear, but not to mention that Gutiérrez was also around there, who with forcefulness finished off to get the winning goal for Cali.

At that point in the game Nacional declined completely and dedicated itself to defending itself from the sugar cane, which with one less man, he dominated in the last minutes of the game.

In this way, the Antioquia team was left behind in their group and is no longer the favorite to be a finalist in the championship. Cali, on the other hand, is consolidated in group A and is getting ready for a revenge against the Antioqueños, this time at the Atanasio Girardot next Wednesday.


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